Old bricks cleaner
from Paoloni

- for selective demolition

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Old bricks cleaner

The law has changed, requiring building materials to be recycled. JNC-Teknik can assist with the recycling of materials, including bricks. Our Old bricks cleaner from Paoloni makes cleaning of old bricks easy. The machine can be used on-site during selective demolition, where construction materials are separated and sorted during dismantling, aiming for maximum utilization and recycling of the materials.

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The Old bricks cleaner from Paoloni easily removes cement and mortar from bricks and natural stones. This is done through the built-in vibrating system, which loosens and chisels away remnants of cement mortar without damaging the old stones. Finishing brushes restore the brick surfaces to their natural appearance, as they were handmade years ago.


The machine is quite efficient and can clean up to 1500 bricks per day. Additionally, it can be operated by up to 4 operators at once.


  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Adjustable telescopic support legs
  • Power: 220/230V
  • Supplied with an extra complete set of tools that are easy to replace