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At JNC Teknik we only sell machines form leading brands and manufactures in Europe. We only sell machines that help companies in industries like recycling, auto scrapping, garbage sorting and such.

PR3 Evolution cable stripping machine

Are you looking for the ideal solution for cable recycling?

PR3 Evolution cable stripping machine meets the highest demands for quality. For more than 25 years, we have been gathering experience and expertise which we have put into the development of the PR3 Evolution. The result is worth seeing: you get a durable, reliable cable stripping machine.

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McIntyre 407 Alligator 

JMC 407 is one of McIntyre's biggest sellers!

The scissors will cut up to 56mm mild steel in round bar, and has the power and speed to handle a wide range of tasks, in a modern auto recycling, or product shop.

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Paoloni old brick cleaner

Recycling of old bricks has NEVER been easier!

The first patented Old Bricks Cleaner, developed by Paoloni for cleaning bricks, natural stone and tiles for cement mortar; - ready to reuse.

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Butti - Industrial Brooms

WAGNER single shaft shredder procut

Almost all cutting materials can be shreded (cutted) effectively and economically with the ProCut Series

  • All sorts of plastic waste (hard and soft, cluster,
  • Automotive, foils, etc)
  • Electric cables, electronic scrap
  • All sorts of wood waste
  • Paper and cardboard boxes
  • Textiles
  • And many more.
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Examples of products that we sell:

  • Container tilting systems
  • Steel brooms
  • Shredders
  • Mist Canons
  • Sorting
  • Shear Baler
  • Garbage sorting
  • etc.

At JNC Teknik, we sell the following brands:

At JNC Teknik we deal in the following brands - Visit the suppliers' websites via the links below to see all the products.

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You are always welcome to contact JNC Teknik if you should have any questions to the machines or if you want to know what we can help your company with. If needed, we prepare an offer for you.