Cable Stripper

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Cable Stripper

Are you looking for a safe and stable solution for your cables? All our cable strippers have a high capacity, often up to 44 meters per minute. They are efficient and competent machines when you need to strip or peel cables. With the high speed, you can really optimize your recycling and production. Our cable strippers handle both ordinary and armored cables with ease.

Models & Product Details

Our cable strippers are available in several models. What they have in common is the high quality of the various components, which make all the models extremely durable and hard-wearing. The machines have different capacities, but can be used on cables between 1.5 mm. and 101 mm. in diameter, which makes the machines super versatile and competent. The cable stripper is a stable machine that at high speed effectively peels or strips your cables - even if they are reinforced.



Safety is paramount when you choose one of our products. Our cable strippers have emergency stop functions, and are safety approved and CE-marked. CE-marked products meet the EU's requirements for safety, health and the environment.

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