Alligator shear

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Alligator Shear

Our Alligator Shear is a machine designed to separate material types from each other. An Alligator Shear is smart when you e.g. want to recycle or resell metals from your scrap. The Alligator Shear can cut through various types of scrap, and are ideal for recycling and cutting up scrap rod, tubing, extrusions, car radiators, gearboxes and gate valves. Alligator Shears are also used to cut cables prior to stripping or granulation, as well as being used for the destruction of weapons. If you are looking for a strong machine when you need to recycle your scrap, then an Alligator Shears are a stable and a good investment.


The Alligator Shear is secured in several ways. To achieve the highest operator safety, the various variants are all designed and equipped with blade guards and foot-operated switches. This makes the Shear extremely safe to handle. Some Shears even have fully enclosed working parts with optional rubber safety curtains.


Models and product details

We have different models and sizes in our range. The size of the Alligator Shears is commonly defined by the size and length of the blade. The Shear are available in all sizes. Among other things, you can find the sizes 150 mm., 320 mm. and 407 mm. To find the right Alligator Shear for you, you need to know what you will be using your Alligator Shear for. The length of the blade will determine the capacity of the machine. The Alligator Shear can be operated with both a 1-phase and 3-phase power supply. Some shears have a diesel option. 

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