Selling machines for the recycling industry

Today high standards are required for the way we are recycling materials and how we sort our waste. Thus the machines used in those industries must meet strict requirements.


JNC Teknik supplies the recycling industry with equipment and machines from the leading manufactures in Europe and has the agency in all of Scandinavia.

Wide selection of products

JNC Teknik have a wide selection of machines/equipment for companies in the following industries:

  • Auto scrapping
  • Recycling
  • The recycling industry
  • Garbage sorting
  • Scrap dealers
  • Bulk handling

High quality products

JNC Teknik only supplies products from leading brands, and as a customer you are guaranteed a product of the highest quality.


It might be a good idea to look through your old machines to see if the live up to the high demands that are required today. By buying new machines you will experience that they are more time efficient because of the continuous optimization and meet the requirements that are required to have today.


At JNC Teknik we will help you and your company to find the machines that meets the needs that you have.

Contact JNC Teknik

You are always welcome to contact JNC Teknik if you should have any questions regarding the machines or if you want to know what we can help your company with. If needed, we will prepare an offer for you.